Guitar Tricks – Why Should You Join

Guitar Tricks offers step-by-step lessons online at any time, in any place, as long as you have the internet. They can help you learn to play over 500 songs up to 100% faster with their easy video tutorials and different levels of learning.

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What puts them above the rest?

Guitar Tricks is more than just a site full of song tabs and a few hints and tricks. The site offers you a full course to help you learn guitar in your own time, at your own pace, and you can choose your own learning hours.

There is no such thing as a perfect guitar course, because everyone learns differently and at different paces. However, with Guitar Tricks, you can take charge of your own learning, and choose which songs you want to learn with. Each song is available for different levels of player, so you can learn alongside an expert who will show you each element of the song so that you can learn effectively.

What does it do?

Guitar Tricks offers you a unique set of lessons to practice alongside, and these give you a view from three different camera angles so that you can see exactly how the instructor plays each chord and strum pattern. The lesson begins with concepts, for example chords and strumming patterns, and then develops this concept by giving you a fun song to play the concept with. Once you’ve gotten that down, you can develop the song so that you can play the entire piece.
Not only does Guitar Tricks offer lessons, but it also tests your skills and knowledge with quizzes at the end of a lesson, so you can recap on all the important stuff.

If you want to learn a few of your favourite songs, Guitar Tricks offers over 500 songs for you to choose from. Each one has an extensively detailed tutorial to help you learn, helping you to progress much faster than if you were to learn independently. It is also worth mentioning that these songs have been carefully chosen and excelling in any of them goes a long way in helping you polish your guitar playing skills.

Does it really work?

Nearly 2 million members can’t be wrong. Guitar Tricks invented online guitar lessons back in 1998, and now has over 11,000 lessons from expert instructors for you to choose from. Each video is specially designed to build your skills slowly and steadily, so that you can really feel yourself improving. We can teach you from the ground up so that you really can learn guitar without the need for a teacher.

Still not sure?

Guitar Tricks offers you a 14-day trial so that you can try out a membership without actually having to pay anything. This helps you to really make a decision on whether the site is the one for you.

Once that 14-day period is up, you can maintain your membership for only $14.95 a month. This is completely different than other sites, which try to get you to bulk order a large amount of membership for hundreds of dollars, for no real reason.

Even better, you can cancel at any time, so your guitar learning is completely in your hands.


There are very few sites that offer online guitar lessons in a learner-friendly environment and this site is one of those. With many other benefits to bag, there can’t be a better reason to recommend it.